Sharmila in Guntur Government Hospital

Dear Friends,

Sharmila is now in Guntur Govt Hospital. You can see the recent images of her. Sadly she is still on ventilator but the great news is she is recovering. She is so strong a person that when the survival rate in such cases is very low, she showed that with strong will to live its not hard to fight death and come back to the world filled with family and friends but now her family is nothing but bigger than before with new family members who all wished and contributed for her health.

Actually its time we appreciate the friends of Sharmila who actually worked hard to collect contributions when it mattered the most. When my friend Srikanth told me how they worked to save her, I was speechless for a few seconds. I envied her for having such a great friends.

When Sharmila first knew about her condition she didnt wanted to be treated. This is because of her family condition and she didn’t want to burden them with the expenses. But thanks to her family members, friends and you all who brought her back to life.

Any money ever earned can never replace the satisfaction of saving a life.

When it started I felt I was helping someone but now the emotional connection with Sharmila is so strong that I started feeling her as a part of my family from the past few days. So every step of recovery is so important to me and this blog is the medium to share how I feel.

All I can ask is please pray her for health and contribute as much as you can. Please contact me for any queries.


Rajeswar R



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