RIP Sharmila

RIP Sharmila.


Sorry and ashamed that we could not save you. I dont know whom to blame. I too made a mistake to support the decision of shifting to the govt hospital but I never thought that would be a fatal decision and make me regret all my life.

But I want to say Thanks to all her friends, family, realtives, my friends who took the initiative and worked for the cause. Without you guys we could have gone at least this far. My friends Shrikanth and Sravanthi, my condolences.

The absence of Sharmila is a void that cannot be filled. I really hoped to see her back to health. She would have been my god given sister. I never talked to her but from my friends I know how fun loving Sharmila is. She has always been the naughty one’s.

In her memory I decided to put some amount of my earning to help the needy and I urge you to do the same. They might not be our family but they need our help and even a small amount you contribute might result in saving a life. For me this is the money well spent.


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