Plight of Indians

We say we are a developing nation aspiring to be a developed nation but when we cant save a life what is the point of being developed. I am not talking this because of Sharmila but the circumstances of her death. I am an educated well paid citizen of India, my family, friends are also more or less the same. The family of Sharmila is also educated and also has a central government employee in a family along with a brother in law who is also a central govt employee. Cumulatively we failed to save a person.

I thank all those who helped for the cause of Sharmila but all this became in vain when we trusted the system for once. Shifting her to the government hospital is a fatal decision which I know I will never be forgiven. I swear to god I never thought it would lead to this. With such a facilities how can one expect to be saved in such a place.

We are the tax payers of India and now I see all the tax we pay is just used to kill people. I regret I pay for that. Now I understand why people flee from India and never come back. If a central government employee cannot get medical aid for the dependent even after a month of admitting a patient in a hospital what about the poor hopeless common man.

I dont want to blame anyone in particular because system consists of us. We made this system which is killing us day by day. My friend once said “If you have ever been to developed countries you will know what comfortable and secured living is and how suffocating it is to live in a country like India”. Now I feel like suffocating. I cant think of my any other family member enduring the same plight of my god given sister Sharmila.

But in all these critical times my friends stood by my side and helped me all the way they can. I was never so grateful of having friends like these. I will remember them all my life as they stood beside me in critical times. There are many more Sharmilas who are awaiting our help and we should put forward the same helping hand that we tried for Sharmila.

When we cannot trust the system at least we have our friends to support and stand strong and help each other. I can say Indians are trustworthy than India.


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