Thank you friends

Thank you friends those who all helped me in saving Sharmila. She is recovering and really great ful to say that. This is the best example in my life that people will react with a big heart when a helpless person is awaiting help.

But our journey is not yet finished. When we take a responsibility we carry it out till the end. She is recovering but not totally. There are some more medical issues that are needed to be addressed and this needs money. Please be in touch and try raise as much as possible to save her.

We account for every rupee that has been contributed and will share the same details in this blog. Please keep this support going on and help us save her


one big family of SAVING SHARMILA

Please go through the hospital records, verify them and please contribute for her. We have tried all financial ways to fund for her treatment which mounted to Rs. 7 lacs. But we need more. Please show some humanity and help us save her. Out of the Rs. 7 lacs that we spent most of it was contributions from the friends and the family. Please help us and be a part of this one big family of SAVING SHARMILA




Saving Sharmila

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Hi Friends,

I am Sravanthi, sister of Kota Sharmila. She got effected by GBS( and is fighting for her life in Trust Hospitals, Sarpavaram, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India. We are 5 sisters. I know all those struggles that my family went through to make us educated and employed youth of India. But

In a country like India where giving birth to a girl is no less than a curse, my mother bore the responsibility of 5 of us and is successful in that process. But would have dreamt that she would suffer through such a plight of seeing her own daughter on the death bed.

She can be saved. But we need money for that. There is no cure for GBS but there are vaccines which are costing around Rs.10000 to rs. 15000 per injection. She is in this state from the past few weeks. Thanks our relatives, friends, her friends and their friends who contributed significant amount of money to save her. The treatment so far costed us Rs. 7,00,000.

But the cost of continuing the procedure is so high that 5 days of the injection course itself is costing around 4 lacs and in addition to this there are ICU, medicine and other charges.

Half of India is middle class. Imagine the plight of that mother who is praying for the recovery of her child.

I request to you all that please contribute some amount to save her. 5,10,100,1000 what ever it is please contribute for her. It is an investment without any return but all these amount united can save a life.

We say only god can give or take lives. But we can become gods by saving this helpless child. 

If you want to contribute deposit the money to the following account and watsapp on 9581882245,8143891738.

The account details are

Acc Name: Kota Subbalaxmi
account no :31089409703
angara branch
IFSC code: SBIN0003410

Her hospital details:

Name of the hospital: Trust Hospitals

Location: Sarpavaram, Kaninada, Andhra Pradesh, India

InPatient No: 22155 (ICU ward)

Hospital Contact number: 0884-2382381,2382382.


I am attaching all the medical records for you to verify. Please go through them, call the hospital, inquire about it and then contribute to the cause.20160202223440


Thank you,


Kota Shravanthi

Cell: 9581882245,8143891738