Complete Bills payed for the treatment of Sharmila


Please check the images attached for the bills paid in the name of M/s Sharmila. Each rupee of your money paid for is accounted. Please check these bills and try to generate more contributions in the name of Sharmila and help me reach to that mile stone where we see her smiling and rejuvenated back to health.

I can’t name each and every one. till now the number of people reacted crossed more than 200 and counting. Nri’s who are miles away from home land has reacted with a big heart.

When I actually started this campaign for Sharmila I never thought I could raise such an amount of money but you people made it possible. every word I write here is just an over flow of the happiness that we are able to help someone when they are in very much need of that.

As I said already in the blog, you people acting as god giving life. I also want to appreciate the efforts of the Trust Hospital, Sarpavaram, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh who brought her back to life from such a condition.

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