Tribute to Sharmila

Nothing is changed. My day starts the same and ends the same. How can the presence or absence of someone can matter in such a hectic life? That too I never saw her, met her or even know her till that fateful thing happen.

I always wondered what can a dying person leave behind in this world. We all know we can take none of what we have in this world while we die. But what we leave for this world to judge, understand and act is most valuable.

We all saw a GBS effected girl on the death bed who was ready to die to save the financial trouble for her family. We saw a girl who later fought so bravely with death when we all said “Sharmila we are with you”

When she joined the hospital, her family was very small but as the time passed by the family grew only larger and it knew no boundaries. Funds started flowing from all around the world.

But when we really try to understand what she left behind…

She showed me what true bravery is. The time when she wanted to die for the family but again the bravery with which she fought after you people stood beside her.

She showed me what can the so called “people in their mechanical life” can actually spare a moment out of their lives and extend a helping hand towards a person in need.

She showed me the true value of friendship where all her friends so willingly tried to get the contributions and save her. They were with her at every second when she needed it the most.

She showed me what immense satisfaction one can get when we really helps the people in need.

But sadly she left us. But I am sure she will rest in peace knowing what you all did to save her life. All I can ask you is try to extend the same help towards the needy in your life. This is the best tribute that we can pay for Sharmila.

In my next post I will update you about the inflow and outflow of the financials for the treatment of Sharmila.